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Brand Overview

Showing new outdoors men and women what it’s like to be a new outdoorsman or woman. I am an adult onset hunter and angler who is learning how to hunt and fish. I create content sharing my experiences in the field and on the water and sharing my knowledge that I have gained along the way. My goal is to build a community of people who want to be in the outdoors more and enjoy God’s creation through hunting and fishing.

Mission Statement

To educate, empower, and encourage the next generation of outdoorsmen and women who are looking to take their first step into the outdoors

The Audience

Adult onset hunters and anglers – People like myself, who started hunting and fishing as adults. They may have years of experience or only a few months out in the field, but they are hungry to learn more.

The Outdoor Curious – They want to get out, but aren’t sure where to start. The idea of getting out and starting their first outdoor adventure feels intimidating. This was me a few year ago.

Experienced Anglers and Hunters – They have experiences and knowledge and want to share it with anyone who ask for it.

Content Network

Youtube – Outdoor Adventure Vlogs, How to’s, and Gear Reviews

Instagram & Tiktok – Clips and short versions of tutorials and outdoor adventures

Ramon Outdoors Newsletter – Monthly newsletter sharing tips, tricks, and gear that I’ve found useful that month.


Youtube – Brief mention at the beginning of the video + an ad at the end of the video

Social Media – Branded post with partner tags

Newsletter – Sponsored newsletter, branded post in newsletter.

Committed to Conservation

10% of every dollar earned will be donated to a charity or organization committed to conserving our public lands, improving hunting and fishing access, or improving wildlife habitat.

Let’s work together

If you think we would make good partners or would like more information about any of the integration options above please contact me at