About Me

Hi, my name is Ramon

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, and an adult onset outdoorsman. Most people are familiar with the term adult onset hunter (a person who learns to hunt as an adult), but I consider myself an adult onset outdoorsman because until a few years ago I didn’t do much outdoors.

I started my journey into the outdoors 2019 by going on my first deer hunt. Before then I always wanted to learn, but never found a mentor and was too intimidated by the amount of knowledge out there. I found myself asking “where do I start?” It was that question that led me to asking if anyone else was in the same situation that I was in and come to find out there were a ton of people just like me. Lost without a mentor to show them the ropes.

What surprised me was there weren’t just adult onset hunters, but adult onset anglers too. Discovering this led me to want to share my journey as a new emergent outdoorsman. I’m not Cam Hanes or Steve Rinella. I’m not Bill Dance or KVD. I am a person who wants to show what it’s really like for someone to learn new outdoor skills.

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